Standard Printed Circuits Core Production Equipment

Maniabarco Crescent 40 Film Processor
Glunz & Jensen 720 Film Processor
Barnaby 802D Pinner
Uline 2000 Routing Machines
Uline 2000 Drilling Machines
Excellon 4-Spindle Routing Machine
Pluritech Laser Router
Xray Machine
Xray Flourescent (inspect plating thickness
Sray Coating Machine
DMS Line
Chemcut Etching Machine
Chemcut Dry Film Stripper
Chemcut Developer
Chemcut Scrubber
Chemcut Microetch Pre Clean
TRM Lamination Press
Plasma Etch Machine
Electrolytic Nickel Tank
Electrolytic Gold Tank
Electrolytic Tin Tank
Immersion Silver Tank
Immersion Gold Tank
Immersion Nickel Tank
Copper Plating Tank
Tin Lead Plating Tank
Hot Air Solder Leveling Machine
Colight Exposure Machines
CA Pickard Film & Inner Layer Punch
Dyna Chem Dry Film Machine
Dicing Saw to Singulate PCB’s
Scoring Machine to Singulate PCB’s