Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. is an independently owned manufacturer of printed circuit boards located in Sherburne, New York. Sherburne, a small town of 1500, is positioned almost equi-distant from the major manufacturing centers of Syracuse, Utica and Binghamton, NY. It is within these communities that most of the OEMs and Contract Manufacturers that make up the majority of SPC’s customer base exist.

Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. was originally a spin-off from Commack Precision Products Corporation based on Long Island. During the 1960s, Commack Precision manufactured primary electronic parts for Defense Industry giants such as Sperry, Hartman Systems, Grumman, Teledyne and Sanders. During this time, the printed circuit board was becoming an increasingly popular device for the interconnection of electronic components and therefore, Commack Precision quickly began to extend its manufacturing capabilities to include this emerging technology. By 1967, Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. was launched and 3 years later relocated from Long Island to the town of Sherburne from where the developing high technology markets of the northeastern U.S. could more easily be served.

Since it’s inception, Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. has continued to grow and currently serves over 150 customers nationwide. During the last 50 years of operation, SPC has provided PCBs to such well known companies/research facilities as IBM, General Electric, Emerson Electric, Savin, Hercules Aerospace, BF Goodrich Aerospace, Magnavox, Thomson Consumer Products, Teledyne Avionics, Bendix, Amphenol, Welch-Allyn Medical, SCI, Cornell University (Nuclear Sciences), and (Arecibo Observatory), University of Missouri, Rutgers University and many smaller OEMS, contract manufacturers, and design houses. Continued growth is the primary focus of corporate management’s current efforts.

FR4 1 to 10 layer PCBs constitutes 70% of the product manufactured by Standard with the remaining 30% allocated for processing commercial RF/Microwave application PCBs. Since 1988, Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. has been building on its experience and continues to service the growing demand for commercial microwave products.

Customers include:

  • Lockheed-Martin
  • Thomcast Wireless
  • Agere Systems
  • Ericsson
  • Comsat RSI-Anghel Laboratories
  • Broad Band Networks
  • Anaren Microwave
  • Millennium Antenna Corp.