SPC Specializes in delivering quick turn prototypes, pre-production and medium volume production orders, on time, and with the highest level of commitment to our customers.

We are ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D & ITAR registered certified custom manufacturer of rigid printed circuit boards 1-24 layers utilizing standard FR4.

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Custom Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. is an independent manufacturer of rigid printed circuit boards up to 24 layers. Our expertise covers a broad range of advanced dielectrics including PTFE, ceramic loaded PTFE, TMM, Polyimide, Polyphenylene oxide, as well as the more common multi-functional FR4s and phenolic resin systems. We stock a wide variety of bonding films from standard epoxy prepregs and other thermoset films to low Dk thermoplastic resins like DuPont’s FEP.

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Standard Printed Circuits Quality

*AS9100 D * ISO 9001:2015 * ITAR * ROHS

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Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. is an independently owned manufacturer of printed circuit boards located in Sherburne, New York.

About SPC

Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. has just completed a recent expansion of their facility and has begun installation of new equipment.

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Equipment List

Standard Printed Circuits utilizes several advanced systems to process our products.

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Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. circuit board manufacturing has resulted in high-quality products for an array of clients.

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