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Reguest a Dielectric Comparision Chart/Microwave Laminates

PortfoliosManufacturing of Double
Sided PTFE PCB for the Telecom
Manufacturing of Multi-Layer
FR4 PCB for the Industrial Controls
Manufacturing of Multi-Layer
Mixed Dielectric PCB for the
Aerospace/Defense Industry
Manufacturing of Multi-Layer
High Frequency Coupler for the
Telecom Industry
Manufacturing of Double
Sided FR4 SMT PCB for the
Instrumentation Industry
Manufacturing of Double
Sided Polyimide High Temperature
PCB for the Telecom/IT Industry
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Standard Printed Circuits is a Full Service Provider of Manufactured Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Services
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Design Services Products Include:
  • Single-sided PCB
  • Double-sided PCB
  • Multilayer PCB
  • RF/Microwave PCB
  • RoHS & Alternative Finishes
  • Panelization Options
  • High Performance Laminates
  • Hightemp PCB
  • Advanced Dielectrics
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Standard specializes in delivering quick turn, pre-production and medium volume production orders, on time, and with the highest level of commitment to our customers. Our products include 1-14 layers utilizing standard FR4, High Temperature, and RF materials.