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Custom Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

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Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. is an independent manufacturer of rigid printed circuit boards up to 14 layers. Our expertise covers a broad range of advanced dielectrics including PTFE, ceramic loaded PTFE, TMM, Polyimide, Polyphenylene oxide, as well as the more common multi-functional FR4s and phenolic resin systems. We stock a wide variety of bonding films from standard epoxy prepregs and other thermoset films to low Dk thermoplastic resins like DuPont's FEP.

Standard Printed Circuits utilizes several advanced systems to process our products including: Plasma etching, Sodium Etch of PTFE surfaces, Conductive Polymer line for PTH processing, Vacuum lamination, Flying Probe Electrical Tester, as well as a State-of-the-Art Chemcut 8000 Etcher for controlled impedance. In addition, we can provide a wide variety of final finishes including: SMOBC, HASL, as well as our RoHS compliant 'lead free' finishes: ENIG, Immersion Silver, Electroless Tin, and Bare Copper with OSP.

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Custom Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Design
Custom Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Design

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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Capabilities:

General Capabilities
Medium Volume Production
Expedited Deliveries
Industry Focus
Defense / Military
Industrial Electronics
Microwave / RF
Telecommunications / IT
Industry Certifications
AS9100 - Aerospace Quality Management Standard
ISO9001 - International Standards Organization
ITAR - International Traffic in Arms Regulations
RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances
PCB Industry Standards:
IPC-6012 - Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards
IPC-6018 - Microwave End Product Board Inspection and Test
IPC-A-600 - Acceptability of Printed Boards
UL -Underwriters Laboratories
Minimum Laminate Thickness .003" .002" .0005"
Maximum Laminate Thickness .250" .250" .265"
Maximum Layer Count 24 26 28
Minimum Conductor Width .005" .004" .003"
Minimum Spacing .005" .005" .004"
Minimum Annular Ring (PTH) .005" .005" .004"
Minimum Conductor Width .003" .003" .002"
Minimum Spacing .003" .003" .002"
Minimum Annular Ring (PTH) .004" .003" .003"
Line Width Tolerance +/- .001" +/- .0005" +/- .0004"
Front to Back Registration Tolerance +/- .002" +/- .001" +/- .0007"
Max Copper Weight (with Solder Mask) 3 ounce    
Max Copper Weight (w/o Solder Mask) 5 ounce 7 ounce  
Etch Factor (per ounce of base copper) 0.0006"    
Minimum SMT pitch .020" .015" .012"
Minimum Annular Ring (signal layer) .008" .008" .006"
Minimum Clearance Ring (pwr/grd) .020" .015" .014"
Minimum Edge Clearance (routing) .015" .010" .008"
Minimum Edge Clearance (scoring) .030" .025" .020"
On Routed Panels we typically add: .500" waste area to all edges    
Dimensional Accuracy (routing) +/- .005" +/- .003"  
Dimensional Accuracy (scoring) +/- .020" +/- .020"  
Minimum Score Thickness +/- .015" +/- .010"  
Minimum Size for Routed Slot .020" .020"  
Minimum Hole Size (PTH) .008" .007" .006"
Drilled Hole Location Tolerance +/- .003" +/- .003"  +/- .001"
Max Aspect Ratio (Dt : hole dia) 8:1 10:1 12:1
Min Soldermask Annular Ring .003"    
Min LPI Feature .004"    
Min Line Width (silkscreen) .005"    
Min Character Height (silkscreen) .050"    
Copper in PTH .001 - .0015"    
Tin Lead (solder) 300 - 500 micro inches    
Electrolytic Nickel 150 - 200 micro inches    
Electrolytic Gold 30-50 micro inches    
Electrolytic Tin 150 - 200 micro inches    
Electroless Tin 15-30 micro inches    
Immersion Silver 10-15 micro inches    
Electroless Nickel 118-236 micro inches (per IPC-4552 ENIG spec)    
Immersion Gold 1.97 (min) micro inches (per IPC-4552 ENIG spec)    
 ENEPIG (for gold wire bonding) 125-200 micro inches Nickel; 3-8 micro inches Palladium; 1-3 micro inches of Gold     
Seica Flying Probe S20 BBT      
4 Independent Probes - 2 sided      
Continuity Test - 1 ohm to 10k ohm      
Isolation Test - 10k ohm to 1g ohm      
Voltage measurement 0.1 pF to 100 mF      
Capacitance measurement - 0.1 pF to 100 mF      
Min testable pad size - .010"      
Min pitch - .010"      
Desired File Formats
AutoCAD (DWG or DXF)
NC Drill Files

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